UFONE..new offer for the cricket loving Nation

Islamabad (MEDIA)

Ufone recently launched a new offer for the cricket loving Nation. The offer comes filled with tons of minutes along with tons of runs, to be enjoyed in the T20 World Cup to be hosted in Sri Lanka.

All a customer needs to do is Dial *2020# and select their team prior to commencement of any T20 World Cup match, as players of their selected team send the ball over the rope or takes an outstanding wicket the customer will win a number of minutes which can be consumed to celebrate their teams achievements.

According to exciting details, 4 minutes will be rewarded on every boundary, 6 minutes on every Six (the ball goes over the rope) and 10 minutes on each wicket taken by one’s favourite team. The selection of the team will be valid for that particular day/match for which the team is selected and customers will have to try their luck in next match afresh.

The 2012 World Twenty20 will be the fourth edition of the Twenty20 tournament. South Africa organized the first event in 2007 where India emerged victorious in a closely fought final while Pakistan defeated Sri Lanka in the 2009 tournament in England to become World T20 Champions. England was crowned champions of the third T20 World Cup as it beat arch rivals Australia in Caribbean Islands.

Youngsters all over the country seem upbeat on this Ufone offer. Waqas Mujtaba an aspirant for National Team, while expressing himself said, “the unique offer of Ufone will surely make this T20 World Cup a memorable event and we will cherish it for a long time to come” adding, “I will select Pakistan every time as my favourite team when playing.”


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