14. AUGUST..keep the flag high


Today, whole Pakistani nation is gloomy and shadowed by uncertainty  because of severe economic crisis, lack of leadership, political instability, sectarianism and so on. But there was time not long ago when we were considered to be the hope for entire Muslim Umah, when our forces and civil society shared the same spirit and passion that led us to claim the victories. When the world respected us and when our scientists, sportsmen, educationists and every representative of this country knew only one thing – keep the flag high.

Unfortunately that spirit seems to have gone but there are people who still hope that one day we are going to reclaim our past glory.

Like past, again this is Pakistani cellular industry that is taking initiative and fulfilling its social responsibilities. Earlier in this Ramadan, it was Mobilink which reminded us through its campaign our journey to freedom in the very month of Ramadan back in 1947 and now when our independence day just approaches, it is Ufone urging all Pakistanis living in Pakistan and abroad to take pride and own their homeland. It just says that they can start with the simple gesture of raising the flag on their rooftops, cars and offices. It also offers surprised gifts to all prepaid and post paid customers on this auspicious occasion.

Small is beautiful—-so goes the maxim. Surely by following the small examples like raising the Moon & Crescent Flag, one day we will follow the content and spirit behind this gesture —i-e to rule the world.

Contrary to fake surveys that tell us one third of Pakistanis want to leave the country, Pakistan abounds with sons and daughters of soil that make their country proud.

This new Television ad of Ufone is its second attempt during last two weeks that aims to educate the people of Pakistan – the first one of course is about discouraging the scammer who fraudulently keep looting innocent and unaware Pakistanis making use of Inaami Schemes announcements.

This second TVC is really awesome and after watching it i have no doubt when we will tryst with our destiny we see smug little world of prosperous and educated people living under the rule of law. Aaj Agar hum jhanda lehrana shuru karein gain to Shayyad hum dobarra gaarna bhi shuru kar dain gain. As a matter of fact we have already started stamping our presence before the whole world!








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