FAROOQ. Chairman PTA OR Secartary Moitt


Appointed as Member of Telecom Authority after this appointment authority is completed and the next step is select chairman of authority. Farooq Ahmad Awan is being considered to be the best possible choice for the post. But to be selected he will have to resign from his post as Federal Secretary. The reason for this is that the PTA act requires the Chairman of the PTA cannot hold dual offices. Farooq Ahmad Awan is currently working as the Federal Secretary of the MO IT and the position of the Chairman is inferior to his current position. He will then become answerable to the new secretary of MOIT. Rumors are that he will resume the position of the Chairman within the next 24 hours and he will face numerous challenges in that regard. These challenges will include retrieval of considerable amount of money from the telecom companies that amount to hundred billion rupees , checking the gate traffics, implementing the orders of the supreme court that include getting five  Sims on one CNIC and also monitoring all the lucky draws being held by telecom industries.  But the major challenge that he will face will be to hold the 3G license auction which has to be completed within four months.