Software piracy in 2011, 86% of software used in Pakistan

software piracySoftware Piracy is gaining pace in the developing countries, especially in Asia, where PC (Personal Computer)penetration is increasing among individual and companies who pay for the hardware either new or used but do not like to pay for the software.

According to the latest report released by Business Software Alliance (BSA) showing statistics of software piracy in 2011, 86% of software used in Pakistan is pirated costing some $ 278mn to the original software makers –  a value 122% higher than total pirated software used in 2007 that cost $125mn.

Software Piracy Pakistan 2011 Pirated Software

Overall, the global piracy rate for PC software hovers at 42% with value climbing from $58.8bn in 2010 to $63.4bn in 2011.

In 2011, BSA recorded that piracy of software remained highest in the developing countries as 56% of new computers sold last years were shipped to developing countries. The study reveals that Asia is topping the piracy costing $21bn in lost sales. The overall piracy rate in Asia is 60%

Globally, China is on number 2 in the software piracy. Last year it had to bear a loss of $9bn from the pirated software whereas, in United States, $10bn went into drain in 2011 as a result of pirated software.

The study shows that frequent pirates install 55% more pirated programs on their PCs than infrequent and non-pirates.

On one hand, software piracy lowers the revenues considerably to the software makers as well the governments, and on the other hand, it has decreased the prospects of new jobs overall in the IT industry.

The report says, the only way to reduce the software piracy is to strengthen the IP laws and educate the software users.

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