(LUMS) is launching a cross-university interdisciplinary Research on Internet and Society (RIIS).


Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is launching a cross-university interdisciplinary Research Initiative on Internet and Society (RIIS).

The goal of the LUMS’ Initiative on Internet and Society is to explore the development of cyberspace in Pakistan, to facilitate its study, to better understand its relationships to business, technological, economic, social, legal and other dimensions of Pakistani society, and to undertake projects that encourage better utilisation of cyberspace for Pakistan’s development.

Through this Initiative, various efforts and activities in Internet domain will be brought together under a common umbrella in order to encourage more activities and research across the campus. The Initiative will be a collective of independently run and independently funded projects dealing with various aspects of internet and society in Pakistan.

In announcing the initiative, Dr. Najam said that this effort is also aimed at encouraging cross-disciplinary research and collaboration in an area that cuts across all the Schools and the various departments at LUMS.

While talking about the Initiative, VC LUMS explained, “In keeping with the ‘network’ spirit of the internet, the Initiative on Internet and Society at LUMS will not be a formal centre or organisation but will be a network of people around LUMS who are interested in and working on these issues.”

He further added, “The Internet has already become a more integral part of Pakistani society, economy and life than many people realise. While we talk about this a lot there is relatively little systematic study of how the Internet is changing Pakistan or how it could. The goal of the Initiative on Internet and Society is to create a space at LUMS where ideas and activities can be generated to contextually understand and deploy the power of the ‘connected’ society to Pakistan.”

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