Reema Khan, in its newly launched ‘Life in Motion’ strategic campaign.


In a sustained effort to redefine telecommunication usage in Pakistan by bringing value to the lives of its customers, PTCL has tapped into the charisma of renowned Pakistani celebrity, Reema Khan,  in its newly launched ‘Life in Motion’ strategic campaign.

The telecom giant’s new ‘Life in Motion’ campaign depicts scenes from the life of an enterprising celebrity who successfully navigates her busy schedule round the clock with the help of PTCL’s converged and innovative communications solutions.

Whether it is plugging 3G EVO Dongle for connectivity while riding a car; or using EVO Wi-Fi Cloud to connect multiple devices simultaneously with Internet at an outdoor shoot; or making calls across the country with Vfone wireless from a remote studio; or video-chatting with family on Video Con; or updating FaceBook status on EVO Tab from an airport lounge; or watching missed episodes of a favorite show in high-definition on Smart TV, the ‘Life in Motion’ campaign shows PTCL customers a revolutionary range of products and services needed to compliment and complete an everyday busy life.

“PTCL is proud to be Pakistan’s only integrated, most reliable and largest converged telecommunications operator providing cutting-edge services and products to consumers and businesses all over the country,” said Senior Executive Vice President, Naveed Saeed. “The ‘Life in Motion’ campaign creatively portrays the idea of a social hub that PTCL creates for a busy person through its integrated and complete telecommunication solutions.”

As the only integrated telecommunication company of Pakistan, PTCL is providing a broad range of services that include basic voice telephony, wire-line and wireless data services, Broadband Internet, video-conferencing, and carrier services to consumers and businesses alike. These services are being offered through PTCL’s innovative products like 3G EVO Dongle, 3G EVO Wi-Fi Cloud, 3G EVO Tab, V-fone wireless, landline, Broadband Pakistan, Smart TV, video phone, and the recently launched Pakistan’s first 3G EVO-enabled Android Smart Phone.

The easy to use and wide reaching PTCL products and services are available all over the country at very affordable rates. To experience 24/7 connectivity on the go, customers can call 1236 or visit their nearest PTCL One-Stop Shop to avail these services.

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