774 Websites hacked by ZCOMPANY HACKING CREW (ZHC)

ZHC hawk from ZCOMPANY Hacking crew haked more than 774 websites after warning Indian Authorities. This was a warning to Indian Authorities from ZHC..

This institutionalized impunity with which the killing of civilians by military and police forces in jammu and Kashmir. The Kashmir dose not want militarized governance. Stop killing children raping women and imprisoning the men! You will never kill the Kashmiri spirit and remember one thing India:

We will protest in every way we can. we will protest with what ever means we have. We are doing all this in order to spread a message to world that Kashmiris want freedom and they have every right to fight for it.

We know that after this attack best Indian government can do is blame Pakistani hackers and here we would just say DONT JUDGE US ..we dont have any nationality ..our members are from all over the world . Indian hackers might deface some Pakistani websites but we do not care as we are not involved in any kind of Cyber War with any one.

we had already sent mails to all the leading news papers and leading news channels that we would carry out the attack. This is just the beginning. we will continue to carry many such attacks on Indian universities,banks and other institutions to lodge our protest.


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