Pakistan working aggressively on legislation to pave the way for Paypal and AliPay.


Pakistan has once again said that it’s working  aggressively on legislation to pave the way for international payment gateways, such as PayPal and Ali-pay, to enter the local market.

This time Federal Commerce Minister Khurram Dastgir Khan claimed that government of Pakistan under the supervision of State Bank of Pakistan is working on streamlining the processes that will enable international payment gateways to start offering services in Pakistan very soon.

Federal Minister informed the media that Pakistani government would soon organize the awareness-raising seminars on the CPEC project in all the main industrial cities of Pakistan. CPEC project would also help produce the maximum energy crisis, he stressed. He said the Pakistan is negotiating with the Ali Baba business company to reduce the registration fees for Sialkot businessmen.

He said the government is also making all-out efforts to bring the international Paypall and other payment gateways to Pakistan very soon. Federal Commerce Minister pledged to provide the advanced drug-checking scanners to all the dry ports in the country. Khurram added that the government is also upgrading the old manufacturing technology to promote the export industries of Sialkot-Pakistan on modern lines as well.

He said the present government has made a prosperous and economically stable Pakistan by ensuring peace in Karachi.