News about rape of female students baseless, IIUI spokesman


Spokesman of the International Islamic University (IIU) Nasir Farid has refuted the news of the rape of university female students commenting that the news published by few media circles is baseless and a pack of lies.

The university spokesman, categorically refuting the news item said that the university has already formed a harassment committee to deal with such issues but no intimation or complaint was filed to this committee and neither any such complaint was conveyed to the university security office.

He said that the university deals with such happenings with an iron hand and the management has left no stone unturned to ensure protection of the students.  He added that IIUI remained deprived of the prerogative of its version on the fabricated story which was quite unfortunate as it should be a direct concern of impartial news-reporting to listen to the organization’s response.

Talking about the campus life, he said that at IIUI, more than 30 thousand male and female students acquire quality education in the light of Islamic teachings and there is a zero tolerance policy practiced in response to any negative activity. Mentioning the separate campus for the female students, the university spokesman said that university ensures to implement the discipline and devised a code of conduct to ensure a peaceful teaching and learning milieu at campus.

He said this inopportune news has been disseminated at the time when university has launched its admission campaign. He said it is an effort to sabotage the university image. He hoped that the media would play a role to foil defamation attempts against the university.