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IIUI A Vital Seat Of Learning Of Muslims Ummah, DR. Sulaiman Aba-Al Khail

IIUI Conferred 6024 degrees on female graduates including 29 PhDs and 145 overseas students, Pro Chancellor IIUI also awarded 150 gold medals to female students.


International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) is higher seat of Muslims Ummah, its services and contributions are highly appreciated worldwide.

These views were expressed by Prof Dr. Sulaiman bin Abdullah Aba-Al Khail, Rector Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University Riyadh/Pro-Chancellor IIUI on IIUI 10th Convocation (female day) in which, 6024 degrees were conferred on female students including 145 overseas, 29 PhDs and 150 were awarded Gold medals in this mega event of IIUI. After conferring degrees to the 11,644 students in IIUI 10th Convocation, a total number of graduated students of the varsity reached to 38002.

In his address, Dr. Sulaiman said that IIUI is progressing rapidly and hoped that university soon would be in top ranked universities of the World. Pro-Chancellor said IIUI is a symbol of brotherhood between Pakistan Saudi Arabia and plays a vital role to discourage extremism and fanaticism as such tendencies have distorted the true image of Islam.

He urged scholars to contribute to combat negative propaganda against Islam and Muslims in the World.

Pro-Chancellor IIUI was of the view that President of Pakistan takes keen interest to see IIUI is on top priority and under the guidelines of the Chancellor IIUI the university will set its place in world standard universities. Dr. Sulaiman hailed the contributions of IIUI in educating and training the youth of Muslim Ummah as higher seat of learning.

Speaking in the ceremony, IIUI Rector, Dr. Masoom Yasinzai said that, since its beginning, the university has been focused on integrating revealed and acquired knowledge and to restore the leading role of Muslims in education and knowledge creation, thus serve the humanity unhindered by geographic boundaries. He said that the university is seen as a torch-bearer among Islamic educational institutions in the world and the Islamic character of the university integrating it with the modern day sciences and technology. Rector IIUI told that university producing scholars, technocrats, managers, scientists, engineers for employment and lays equal emphasis on the physical, social and spiritual development of the individuals. Dr. Masoom said that IIUI is determined to produce skilled manpower with the message not only to serve their respective communities but also serve the entire humanity and extend message of international peace and peaceful co-existence.

Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh also spoke on the mega event and presented brief report on IIUI. He mentioned that on the national level, the university is a beacon of light for other universities because of its exemplary research and teaching activities; on international level, IIUI welcomes students without any discrimination of race, religion, colour and nationality. President IIUI apprised participants of 10th Convocation about the establishment of an Information Technology Center to computerize complete record of University, after the digitization of the university archives, all required information will be accessible within seconds. In addition to that, Dr. Al-Draiweesh told that varsity’s academies and institutes are significantly contributing in all spheres of life with their research, social trainings and outreach programmes. He quoted in this context the publishing, disseminating books, papers and social and religious literature to display true and peaceful image of Islam.

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