Waleed Arshiad trying imposed Etisalt PCCW agreement in Pakistan


Etisalat and PCCW Companies in the light of their mutual agreement trying to intervene in the telecom sector of Pakistan. However irony is that PCCW is not even licensed to operate in any capacity in Pakistan. On the other hand Etisalate merely having managing rights of PTCL in Pakistan. Telecom sector went into severe shock on this development and cautioned that if this happens it would open the way for other foreign companies to enter into the Pakistani Telecom market while bypassing the proper procedure and legal channels of business ethics and regulations.

Ptcl CEO Waleed Arshaid is trying to impose the agreement on Pakistan by his companion Sikander Naqi, who has already fulfilled ICH & other Tasks in the retrospect.

Etisilat and a PCCW company have agreed on providing services in Saudi Arabia.  PTCL which is under the management of Etilsalat and is trying to get permission from PTA to run the services in Pakistan. For this a meeting has been carried out already. PCCW Company will be able to get broadband service provider rights in Pakistan if PTCL is successful in getting permission.  Same permissions are already with the company named Transworld Alliance (TWAB ). If PCCW Company get the rights, Transworld Alliance will lose its monopoly.

Transworld Alliance  (TWA)  has raised serious concerns with the Telecom Authority that the company has no operating license in Pakistan and shouldn’t be allowed to work in Pakistan. PTCL is very active to get the permission and LDI companies are also actively supporting PTCL. Telecom Sector is buzzing with the fact that PTA doesn’t has any authority in stopping the company from working in the country. PTA which has the final authority in the matter and it remains to be seen what decision it gives.