Supreem Court discarded bail plea of criminal, convicted of blackmailing girls on Facebook


Supreme Court (SC) on Wednesday has discarded bail plea of criminal, Muhammad Munir convicted of blackmailing girls on social media platform, Facebook.
A three-member bench headed by Justice Amir Hani Muslim heard the case.
Justice Muslim said that relationships in which friends are referred to as ‘girlfriends’ find roots in western culture. It is not Pakistan’s culture where opposite genders could have such relations, he added.
The justice also thrashed billion dollar social media enterprise, Facebook in his remarks. He said that Facebook has deprived people of care for their morals and values.
During the hearing, culprit’s counsel Masroor Shah argued that his client is innocent. He said that Shagufta Ameen used to study with his client and was his ‘girlfriend’. Justice Muslim remarked, how could uploading immoral pictures amount to morality.
The court ordered authorities to submit challan in the case in the trial court within 14 days. The Supreme Court further ordered the trial court to pass a verdict in the case within six months.
Earlier on November 7, an Indian girl named Amirun Nisa tied nuptial knot with lover Aijaz in Gujrat after reaching all the way to Pakistan.
The 24-year-old Pakistani groom Aijaz Ali firstly talked to Amirun Nisa, belonging to Indian province Jharkhand, on Facebook about one and a half year back.
The new friendship turned into everlasting love when the 22-year-old Amirun Nisa arrived in Pakistan to find her true mate.