PTCL profits have shown a constant decrease


The Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) profits have shown a constant decrease. The low PTCL profits may be linked to the growth of other private sector firms especially Nayatel.
Nayatel is providing quality services making the consumer turn towards Nayatel. Due to poor quality services, PTCL profits may have decreased.
The financial results announced by the PTCL showed profit after tax (PAT) is at Rs6.49bn and earning per share (EPS) is at Rs1.27, expressing a decline of Rs7.60bn as compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.
A recent press statement stated that the overall revenue of PTCL declined by 3% over the same period last year. The reason given is that there is a decrease in Voice and EVO revenues. The company earned Rs52.8bn in revenue against Rs54.3bn the previous similar period.
However, the situation might change for PTCL as PTCL’s flagship Fixed Broadband facility has started to expand at a steady pace. The same can be said about Charji/LTE revenues, which grew 20% during Q3 and 7% during the first nine months.
PTCL’s, UBANK initiative has also started to improve. The net profit increased by 37% as compared to last year.
The services of Charji/LTE have shown improvement in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. PTCL plans to reach Baluchistan and KP with new and updated services. This is good progress as technology is the need of the hour and it should have maximum reach.
PTCL’s partnership with IBM Cloud is showing good adoption and growth in the corporate sector. Asia Africa Europe (AAE-1) is now contributing towards resilience of PTCL submarine infrastructure.
PTCL needs to enhance its services in order to survive the competition. The services are lagging behind especially if they are compared with Nayatel. Furthermore, rates are also nearly similar making it easy for customers to shift to other services. PTCL profits are declining mainly because of their mismanagement and poor services.

Courtesy. IBEX