ISLAMABAD (PRESS RELEASE) Aimed at sharing practical experience to help strengthen cybersecurity measures in Pakistan, Aamir Ibrahim, CEO of Jazz delivered an engaging presentation to under-training officers of the Federal Investigation Agency Cybercrime Wing at the National Police Academy. During the session, the role of Jazz was also highlighted inRead More →

KARACHI (PRESS RELEASE) BankIslami Pakistan Limited encountered a cyber-attack from unknown hackers on 27th October, 2018, to which the Bank responded immediately by shutting down all international transactions originating from International Payment Scheme and signing out from inter-operability switch. Alhamdulillah, BankIslami had all its customer accounts protected. However, the transactionsRead More →

ISLAMABAD (MEDIA REPORT) Tempting and seductive advertisements of significant online earning may be a trap by cyber-mafia to pickpocket vulnerable people, especially youth. Information technology (IT) experts have warned the youth that there should be specific steps to ensure that the process is secure and fully judge the credibility ofRead More →

ISLAMABAD (MEDIA REPORT) The National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) has developed an online reporting portal aimed at countering online extremism as well as abuse of internet and social media. “Surf safer” is an online portal which allows Pakistanis to report extremist content online freely, securely and anonymously. The responsive webRead More →

ISLAMABAD (BMZ REPORT )  Rehan Qadri, Chief Technology Officer, UBL Fund Managers will discuss Cyber Security Incident Response best practices at CSX 2016 Asia Pacific conference in Singapore, 14-16 November 2016. CSX 2016 Asia Pacific will be focused on practical cyber security solutions and guidance, tailored to every level ofRead More →