To this point, 2011 has been a forgettable year for Nokia. In April, Apple passed Nokia during the first quarter to become the world’s largest vendor of mobile phones in terms of revenue. Shortly after, the Finnish giant was forced to dump the Symbian platform and 3000 employees to Accenture.Read More →

ISLAMABAD (PAKISTAN) The Islamabad High Court has dismissed, with costs, writ petitions and appeals filed by LDI operators against the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and Government of Pakistan (Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom) on the issue of Payment of Access Promotion Contribution (APC) for the Universal Service Fund (USF) Regime.Read More →

ZHC hawk from ZCOMPANY Hacking crew haked more than 774 websites after warning Indian Authorities. This was a warning to Indian Authorities from ZHC.. This institutionalized impunity with which the killing of civilians by military and police forces in jammu and Kashmir. The Kashmir dose not want militarized governance. StopRead More →

ISLAMABAD: Pak Datacom Limited (PDL), a major profit-earning subsidiary of the Telecom Foundation (TF) run by the Federal Ministry of IT & Telecom, which was giving up to eight bonuses per annum to its employees just until two years back, is now facing decrease in revenue to the tunes ofRead More →

ISLAMABAD: The Government on Monday clarified a news story regarding alleged misappropriation and violation of process in the Telecom Foundation (TF), which is associated with the Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT). A PID press release said: “MoIT considers all allegations fabricated and devoid of any real substance. To link theRead More →

ISLAMABAD (PAKISTAN) Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) deposited Rs.  13.56 billion In the FY 2009-10 to the national exchequer while telecom sector contributed Rs. 109. 05 billion in the form of taxes. According to the Quarterly Report 2011 issued by PTA the contribution of telecom sector to national exchequer through taxes,Read More →