Auditor General failed to audit PTA account !

Another attempt for audit of the Pakistan Telecom Authority has been stopped through strong influence as learnt by The auditor general of Pakistan was keen to take an audit of the regulatory body for the previously held 3G/4G auction. The audit was to check for any kind malfeasance that may have been taken during or after the 3G/4G auction. The Auditor General which is an independent institution which is responsible for audit of all government offices and institutions.
Auditor General of Pakistan had issued a special notification in this regard and sent a team to PTA headquarters to compile the report. However a strong lobby that formed against such an audit didn’t let them to complete the task. This reaction to the notification and the team is not being received very well among the telecom sector who claim it to be unpatriotic and unethical.
One would remember that an audit report was made that was published publically but a higher level committee simply disregarded the report with remarks that this report doesn’t reflect any malfeasance and is not important and the matter was buried.
This audit is being blocked as the 3G/4G auction presents a sizable loss to the national economy and this can create quite a hurdle in Muslim League government. With already under pressure for various reasons, an audit can cause serious issues for the government as it will reveal all the facts and figures of the 3G/4G auction.