PTI Chairman Barrister Gohar seeks JC to probe massive elections fraud PTI whitepaper General Elections 2024. PTI’s candidates’ clear victory was converted into defeat.



PTI issues whitepaper on alleged mega polls robbery in General Elections 2024

PTI Chairman Barrister Gohar seeks JC to probe massive elections fraud

ISLAMABAD (  Web News  )

Presenting a pathway towards true democracy and political and economic stability of the country, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) demanded formation of judicial commission to probe the mother of all riggings took place in general elections 2024 in order to give powers to the true public representatives i.e., PTI, besides seeking resignation from Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) for conducting the most controversial elections in Pakistan’s history.

PTI leadership has issued a whitepaper on the alleged mega polls robbery in general elections of 2024, spanning from the pre-poll phase to the culmination in the government Official Gazette Notification, exposing the corrupt practices including alteration of final results through fudging, forgery and manipulation of Form-47.


Speaking at the press conference along with PTI Secretary General and Opposition Leader in National Assembly Omar Ayub Khan, Leader of the Opposition in Senate Shibli Faraz and Brigadier (retd) Musaddiq Abbasi, PTI Chairman Barrister Gohar Ali Khan said that the press conference was on one-point agenda and that’s mega elections rigging took place in general elections 2024. PTI Chairman stated that PTI’s whitepaper based on irrefutable facts, wherein it was visibly showed that PTI’s candidates’ clear victory was converted into defeat. He demanded that the Supreme Court (SC) should act immediately to reclaim the stolen mandate of the public at large, based on the results recorded in Form-45 and should fix their long-pending petition for hearing without any further delay.

In this regard, he demanded that an independent judicial commission should be established to thoroughly investigate the entire electoral process, identifying those involved in acts of social injustice, corruption, and fraudulent practices that undermine the public mandate.  Moreover, Barrister Gohar stressed that the JC should also be tasked with recommending necessary electoral reforms aimed at enhancing transparency, promoting fair play, and ensuring meritocracy within the electoral system with the purpose to minimize opportunities for manipulation, drawing inspiration from the practices observed in developed democratic countries. PTI Chairman stated that PTI secured 180 seats in the National Assembly as per form 45 despite the fact that Imran Khan had been jailed in flimsy and baseless and politically-motivated cases. PTI Chairman stated that all national and international media and neutral elections observers admitted the glaring rigging and tampering of elections’ results.

He said that PTI filed petitions regarding reserved seats, demanding ECP to quickly decide their petitions, as PTI filed 158 petitions across the country. Barrister Gohar recalled that different coercive tactics and steps were taken to influence the general elections as PTI was deprived of a level playing field, nominations papers of PTI’s candidates were rejected on flimsy grounds, besides snatching the party electoral symbol to create problems for voters to identify PTI’s nominees. He stated that all these nefarious plots did not work, as the people recognized the PTI-backed candidates’ symbols and voted them in massive scale. However, PTI Chairman lamented that the results were not consolidated on the basis of form-45 and tampered the results.

Speaking on the occasion, Omar Ayub Khan demanded that CEC should resign immediately for allegedly acting as a facilitator in undermining the people’s mandate and conducting the most controversial elections in Pakistan’s history, who openly betrayed the public trust by converting PTI’s rival 100 votes into 1,000 through tampering results. He stated that the whitepapers contained all the undeniable and irrefutable evidence of mega polls robbery. He demanded that Imran Khan should be released immediately, and all politically motivated cases against him and other PTI leadership, and supporters should be withdrawn. Omar stated that PTI’s seats were snatched in the daylight robbery and they had all the evidence in this regard.

Speaking on the occasion, Shibli Faraz said that the people expressed their right to vote in support of Imran Khan’s nominees despite snatching PTI electoral symbol bat but unfortunately their votes were given to the losers. PTI senior leader said that PTI was deprived of election symbol despite holding intra-party elections thrice. He reminded that it was ECP’s constitutional duty to conduct free, fair and transparent elections within the constitutionally stipulated timeframe but the institution miserably failed in fulfilling its duties in this regard.

Shibli Faraz stated that the people of the country suffered the most due to the prevailing political and economic instability in the country for which PDM-1 should be held accountable. He stated that its form-47 government; hence it neither have moral nor legal standing, demanding that the powers should be given to the true public representatives, adding that Pakistan Muslim League-N, PPP and MQM did not suit transparent elections; hence they all opposed EVMs and right to votes to overseas Pakistanis. Shibli Faraz recalled that PTI leaders and workers were subjected to worst reign of terror, open abuse and intimidation to either switch loyalties or leave politics.

Speaking on the occasion, Brigadier (Retd) Musaddiq Abbasi said that the whitepaper was a collection of detailed information from national and international electronic and print media and records provided by the party candidates and various abuses demonstrated by ECP in stealing the public mandate. He said that ROs taken from bureaucrats committed the rigging with impunity, who changed the Form-45 or in certain cases Form-47 at stage of compilation of results.

Musaddiq stated that in several constituencies reported up to 66 in total, with 46 from Punjab, PTI polling agents were not allowed to sit in violation of election laws, adding that in Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif and Maryam constituencies PTI polling camps were even removed and agents were denied entry into polling stations.

He recalled that the mainstream media at 3 am reported, PTI Independents as per Form-45 had surpassed the simple majority by attaining 154 clear wins, followed by PMLN, PPP, MQM and JUI.

Musaddiq stated that FAFEN reported that its observers were not allowed in 135 constituencies out of a total 260 by the ROs, adding that ROs prohibited candidates from participating in the tabulation process in 65 constituencies.

He quoted Time Magazine that Pakistan’s military used every trick to sideline Imran Khan-and failed. PTI leader said that The Guardian reported that attempt to ignore Imran Khan and his supporters may trigger further unrest and instability.

Moreover, he stated that Washington Post reported that despite all hurdles, voters over willingly turned out across the country to cast vote in favor of Imran Khan’s cause. He highlighted glaring examples of disparities between the initially documented Forms 45 and the subsequent modifications observed at various constituencies.

These discrepancies and irregularities highlight the urgent need for thorough investigations into the conduct of the elections and the tabulation of results, he added.

He stated that Liaquat Chattha, the Commissioner Rawalpindi’s confessional statement and testimonials on election fraud from senior political leadership including Sardar Lashkari Raisani, Mehmood Khan Achakzai and JI Amir Naeem exposed the reality of the GE-24 before the masses.