Bushra Bibi facing serious threats to life: PTI PTI leaders have expressed grave concerns over serious threats to the life of Bushra Bibi

Bushra Bibi facing serious threats to life: PTI

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders have expressed grave concerns over serious threats to the life and health of Bushra Bibi, the wife of PTI founding chairman Imran Khan, who has been put under house arrest in Bani Gala sub-jail.

Addressing a press conference along with PTI Women Wing President Kanwal Shauzab, Naeem Haider Panjutha said that they were not being allowed to meet her because they told the media about her health and food during the last meeting.

He said that Bushra Bibi wanted to be transferred to Adiala Jail but the authorities concerned were hell-bent to keep her in Bani Gala sub-jail under a lame excuse of security and scarcity of capacity in the jail.

PTI leader demanded that she had serious health issues due to harmful and substandard food being provided to her in imprisonment; hence her family physician should be allowed for her medical check-up.

Panjutha pressed that the captain, his family, all the leaders and all the workers, the innocent prisoners should be released immediately.

He went on to say that PTI Chairman-for-life and Bushra Bibi were sentenced in Thoshankhana, Idat and Al-Qadir Trust cases unjustly and without following due course of fair trail, as they even didn’t give the right of defence to them in these fake, fabricated and politically-motivated cases.

He said that all this drama was staged to oust Imran Khan from political scene under the infamous London Plan to spread despondency among masses so as they could not take out to cast their vote. However, he said that despite all these fascist tactics and wrong and unjust decisions, people came out in droves to bring Imran Khan into power with huge majority once again however, the mandate thieves stole the votes of the people.

Panjutha stated that all brutal tactics were used to break Imran Khan but all these coercive efforts fell flat. He said that the captain and his wife could come out of jail in a minute, but they did not strike a deal and wanted to render any sacrifice for supremacy of the rule of law and constitution in this country.

Speaking on the occasion, PTI Women Wing President Kanwal Shauzab said that they pinned great hope with February 8 that it would put an end on the reign of terror; however, Sultanate Sharifia and Zardaria were created through daylight polls fraud.

She said that it could not be called a democracy and democratic system as they were imposed on the nation once again fraudulently through polls robbery. PTI leader revealed that the way women were harassed and dragged in Pakistan, it never happened in any Islamic state.

Keeping in view the serious threats to her health and life, a request was filed to transfer her to Adiala Jail but it was not entertained, she added. Kanwal continued that Bushra Bibi was being targeted through Toshakhana, Al-Qadir Trust and Iddat cases, which was ridiculous, adding that she had been caged in a tiny closed room and was being subjected to political victimisation because she stood like a rock with Imran Khan.

She lamented that the social and moral fabric of the society were ruined, as Tosha Khana was ruthlessly looted by cabal of thieves but no one raised a question in this regard.