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Assets increased from 13.56 billion rupees to 28.46 billion rupees, Khawar Saeed 


Mr. Khawar Saeed, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bank of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, has said that in a short period of three years, the operating profit of the bank has increased by 617%. which is the result of effective marketing strategy, effective and systematic business planning, adoption of unique business practices and teamwork. CEO was expressing his views while presiding over the Commercial and Retail Banking (CRB) meeting held at the Head Office on Friday. The meeting was attended by Commercial and Retail Banking Division (CRBD) Head including other Divisional Heads and Heads of all four regions (Muzaffarabad, Mirpur, Rawalkot, Kotli).   At the beginning of this year, the bank abolished the four zones and created two new regions.  This meeting was held to review the performance of the regions. President Bank said that success has been achieved in taking the institution on the path of development and important business milestones have been crossed. Operating profit increased to Rs 961 million from Rs 134 million.

This impressive increase of 617% is the highest ever since the inception of the institution. He said that there was a historic increase in the total assets of the bank which is 13.56 billion rupees, that is, more than doubled to 28.46 billion rupees. The CEO directed the participants that the staff should always be active and diligent to increase the business of the organization and  number of customers to make the bank a leading financial institution while continuing its journey of success.

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