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Chairman paid tribute to women’s banking services and performance in wonderful words.


On the occasion of International Women’s Day, a function was organized by Bank of Azad Jammu and Kashmir,  to pay rich tributes to the services of women executives and officers of the bank. The chief guest  was Khan Abdul Majid Khan, the Minister of Finance, Cooperative and Inland Revenue of AJK who is Chairman Board of Directors of BAJK. The ceremony was started with the recitation of the Holy Quran and Naat of the Prophet PBUH. On this occasion, the Chairman paid tribute to women’s banking services and performance in wonderful words. He said that the bank is crossing the milestones of growth and success in which the women staff have a unique role. The institution has ensured the provision of equal rights to women and increased facilities for women and their privacy is being taken care of. He said that by making women economically empowered and self-sufficient, by providing a favorable environment and security in offices, we can move towards rapid development by utilizing their services. The Chairman mentioned the priorities of the bank and said that his top priority is to get the status of a scheduled bank. A detailed meeting with the Governor of State Bank of Pakistan has yielded positive results and State Bank has appointed a focal person in this regard. Earlier, Mr. Khawar Saeed, president of the bank, said that currently 110 women are doing banking services in the bank. A favorable environment has been provided for them so that they can fulfill the responsibilities of office and home with peace of mind. Describing human resources as the real asset of the bank, he said that this institution is becoming an ideal bank in terms of business and discipline. The profit of BAJK has reached one billion rupees. Assets have increased from 12 billion to 28 billion rupees in just three years. Deposits have crossed 21 billion rupees. Remittances have exceeded 4.5 billion rupees. The number of customers is increasing.  He said that loans were provided to 1067 women by Kashmir Bank so that they become economically self-sufficient and can play a role in improving the economic conditions of the home, education and training of children, making them responsible citizens of the society. On this occasion, women executives and officers said that due to the favorable environment for women in the bank, they are secure in the offices and branches and are satisfied with their professional and home life. They thanked the management and colleagues for their support and guidance. At the end of the ceremony, the cake was cut.

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