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Political parties should not confuse economy with politics. President FPCCI

Political parties should not confuse economy with politics. President FPCCI Irfan Iqbal Sheikh

ISLAMABAD ( Web News )

President Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Irfan Iqbal Sheikh said that the only way to improve the country’s economy is that all stakeholders should be agreed on Economic Agenda. He expressed these views while addressing traders at ICSTSI.

The FPCCI President along with Vice President FPCCI Umar Masood ur Rehman visited the  Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industries at the invitation of President ICSTSI Muhammad Sajjad Sarwar. During the meeting members of small chambers talked about the problems faced by small traders and urged the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) to take up the issue with the government. They also highlighted that the procedure for granting loans for small businesses is very complicated and the reason being traders are reluctant to take the loan based on strict conditions. Mr. Sajjad Sarwar, President of the Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industries, asked the FPCCI leadership to play its role in solving the problems of small businesses as they are the backbone of the economy.

The FPCCI President assured the members of  ICSTSI that FPCCI will play its due role in solving the problems they faced. He said that the same type of problems is being faced by the businessmen of others parts of the country.

He said that being an apex trade of the country the FPCCI is bound to help in resolving grievances of the business community. The President assured that all efforts would be made to resolve the issues of the businessmen of Islamabad. He reiterated that full cooperation and support will be extended to ICSTSI’ to pursue their business interests. He said that Pakistan’s economy could not be restored without promoting small trade and small industry. The population of Pakistan is increasing by 5 million people per year for which more employment opportunities and other facilities are also required he added.

Irfan Iqbal Sheikh President of FPCCI further said that The FPCCI and all trade bodies of the country shall work together for the improvement of the economy and development of Pakistan.  All the problems of the country can only be solved when the political and economic leadership sit together with good intentions and sincerity and come up with the best economic model to get the country out of the current economic crisis and present the strategy to the nation. Irfan Iqbal Shaikh added that agreeing on the Charter of Economy is the need of the hour.

All economic matters should be handled with consensus and on the recommendations of FPCCI and trade bodies which are major stakeholders. He further said that the business community is the actual backbone of the country’s economy We have to move towards the prosperity of Pakistan as progress is determined by those who have the ability, passion and courage to overcome difficulties.

Umar Masood ur Rehman Vice President FPCCI further said that the current economic situation of the country is very alarming. Inflation is on the rise, and the country’s foreign exchange reserves are at the lowest level in the country’s history. The prices of petrol, electricity and gas are touching the sky and increasing day by day and Industries are shutting down and due to this unemployment is increasing exponentially. The current economic situation is very difficult and every Pakistani should contribute to the development of the country by forgetting about the past and should concentrate on the future.

Sajjad Sarwar, President ICSTSI,  Malik Arif, President Skardu Chamber, Tariq Mehmood Khokhar, Senior Vice President ICSTSI, Sheikh Dawood, Vice President, Qazi Ilyas, Chairman Founder Group, Syeda Wajida Salim, Vice President, Saqib Abbasi, Former President, Rana Ayaz, Ex-President, Tahir Arain, Former Senior Vice President, Amjad Abbasi, Former Senior Vice President, Aqeel Abbasi, Former Vice President and Executive Member, Imran Sukhira, Sher Muhammad Khan, Rizwanur Rahman Siddiqui, Owais Satti, Sajid Iqbal,  Raja Abdul Majeed, Osama Tahir, Qazi Shakir, Members ICSTSI were also present on this occasion.

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