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Holding early elections were only option to put an end to economic crisis: Imran Khan

Holding early elections were only option to put an end to economic crisis: Imran Khan

Says foreign investors will be scared of investing amid rising default risk

LAHORE ( Web News )

Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan reiterated on Tuesday the country is on the verge of default and that only early and transparent elections can end the economic crises in the country.

“Foreign investors will be wary of investing in Pakistan amid rising default risk … I ask those who hatched conspiracy who is responsible for this mess?” Imran said, while addressing a PTI’s long march via video link.

Recounting the economic achievements of his government, Imran Khan said that all his efforts for the economy were derailed in the past seven months.

“National security is linked with economic security, and these thugs are dragging the country toward bankruptcy. I want to warn my nation that if Pakistan defaults, those who come for a bailout will not offer free help. They will come for our biggest national security asset.”

Reiterating his demand for justice, Imran called on Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Ata Bandial to provide justice in three landmark cases: Arshad Sharif’s murder, injustice with Azam Swati, and an assassination plot against him.

Earlier, PTI Secretary General Asad Umar said that the assassination plot was hatched against Imran to put an end to his activities because the government knew he was not afraid of going to jail.

The assassination attempt was made during the party’s long march, which is being used to pressure the government to call snap elections.

Addressing the march at Chiniot, Umar said the government wanted to send the former premier to jail but Imran Khan announced that he was not scared of being arrested, which prompted it to resort to other ways of stopping him. “Pakistanis are intellectuals and they will not bow down to anyone,” he said.

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