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Dr Arif Alvi advises youth & women to benefit from Google’s career certificate program

Dr Arif Alvi advises youth & women to benefit from Google’s career certificate program

ISLAMABAD ( Web News )

President Dr Arif Alvi has urged the youth and women of the country to actively enrol and benefit from the 15,000 online courses offered under Google’s Career Certificate program, launched in collaboration with the Institute of Rural Management (IRM) and IGNITE.

The President gave these remarks in his virtual address to the launching ceremony of the Google Career Certificate programme. Under this programme, Google is offering high-end online courses like IT support, automation, project management, UX design, data analytics, digital marketing & e-commerce etc., in Pakistan.

In his message, the President said that the initiative would bring vibrancy among Pakistani youth and women to help increase their participation in the economy, besides improving the digital economy of Pakistan.

He added that enhanced digitalization would increase the inclusion of women in the economy, besides enabling women and youth to market their services throughout the world using ICT tools.

He further said that digitalization would increase the efficiency of businesses and accelerate their processes, besides giving opportunities to unemployed people to contribute to the economy.

The President said that Pakistan can take the biggest jump, not in the brick-and-mortar world, but through the help of the IT sector as the number of people required in this field would increase in future as the amount of data that needed processing was also increasing day by day.

He said that Pakistan needed such kind of training courses as it possessed a youth bulge and some of the students, who did not have access to higher education, would be able to participate in the economy by acquiring the latest digital and IT skills. He appreciated that Google, by offering 15 thousand courses, was playing a part in Pakistan’s transformation towards digital technology.

The President called upon the students to benefit from such programs, especially the digiskills program of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication, wherein 2.5 million people had been trained. He added that the digiskills program had been a success as it enabled the previous unemployed youth to earn gainful employment.

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