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Academia to play role in dissemination of moderation & peaceful co-existence. Qadri


ISLAMABAD ( Web News )

Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Pir Noor ul Haq Qadri has said that education is the foundation of progress and academia must play a role in dissemination of moderation and peaceful co-existence.

He was addressing an international seminar at International Islamic University (IIU) held in connection with 42nd anniversary celebrations of the university titled “the contributions of IIUI in advancing knowledge and way forward through strategic plan 2021” organized by the Islamic Research Institute (IRI) of the university.

The religious minister said that Pakistan will keep progressing and we must deliver to the coming generations so that they may lead the world. He hailed IIUI President’s initiatives for university’s progress, and hoped that it would achieve its goals in the light of its newly prepared strategic plan. He said that he will be looking forward to working with the scholars of IIUI in the Rehmat ul lil Almeen (PBUH) program. He stressed that educational institutions have vital importance in promoting peace and tolerance. He emphasized on protection of rights of minorities adding that those must be given due importance in the society.

Addressing the ceremony, IIUI President felicitated the Rector, Vice Presidents, teachers, staff and students on the occasion of 42nd anniversary celebrations. He said that it is the day to reiterate the resolve that IIUI would be among the leading education institutions of the world in future. He said that in the future the university will have the addition of two new faculties. He added that as part of transformation and advancement, the university has also launched its online portal for open and Distance learning. He said that IIUI management is focused on facilitating on campus 30 thousand male and female students in acquiring quality education. Discussing the Pak Saudi ties, he said both countries have deep and historic ties and IIUI is an omen of this exemplary friendship. “It is the time to take the lead and shine” said Dr. Hathal addressing the students. He stressed upon them to be prepared for the future and remain up to date in the light of contemporary changes.

Addressing on the occasion, Vice President, Administration and Finance, Dr. N.B. Jumani said that IIUI’s mentionable performance in the present international rankings is a reflection of its success. He said that faculties and constituent units of IIUI are playing a significant role in promotion of research and improvement of quality education.

 He said that in the light of the next 5 years plan prepared by the present; leadership, the IIUI would focus on governance, campus life, economic stability and digitization to make it an ideal educational institution. He hoped that IIUI in the light of the vision of IIUI Rector and President would soon make its place among the leading educational institutions of the world. Dr. Muhammad Zia ul Haq, Director General, IRI in his address thanked the minister, Rector, President, Vice Presidents, Deans, DGs and rest of the community of university for joining the event. He shared the vision of IRI and vowed that such events of celebrations and constructive nature would continue from the platform of IRI. At the end of the ceremony, a cake in connection with the celebrations of the 42nd anniversary of university was cut by the leadership of the university. The Honorable Minister, Rector and IIUI president also visited the stalls of books in the exhibition held in connection with anniversary celebrations.

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