IMPASS have announced of Auto Passport Delivery SMS Service.


The Government of Pakistan and Directorate General Of Immigration And Passports (IMPASS) have announced the initiation of Auto Passport Delivery SMS Service. This service will help citizens to know when and where to get their passports once they have been printed.  This service will offer three major benefits to applicants. These are

1)      It will help remove uncertainty faced by applicants when applying for passports

2)      Will help in preventing exploitation and help in eliminating discretion.

3)      Will eliminate the need to visit the nearest Passport office

This is an excellent step towards modernization of Pakistan and its government offices. It is hoped that more steps such as these will be taken in near future.

Main feature of services !

  • ¡Current 9988 SMS service is Passive. New service is Pro-Active
  • ¡All Passports printed and sent for shipment to RPOs
  • ¡Daily shipments ~ 12,000 to 16,000
  • ¡An Auto SMS sent through dedicated Portal next day to applicants informing,
  • ¡Their Passports have been Printed
  • ¡To collect their Passports on Date given in the Token
  • ¡IMPASS gets online report on status of SMS Sent & Delivered
  • ¡87% delivery rate – Cost 10/- Paisa per SMS
  • ¡Pilot Phase launched on 25 May 2015
  • ¡88,000 plus applicants served to-date

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