Mobilink failed in its first 3G service ?

Mobilink it seems has failed in its first launch of 3G services in Pakistan. Recently Mobilink had offered customers the chance to enjoy 7.2 Mb/s speed through its SpeedNet USb dongle. However Teleco Alert has found that its franchises have a different story to tell. It was found that even if you were able to get a dongle it may not work in your area since the trial 3G services may not work. Franchises told that customers may not be able to enjoy 3G services since the cellular company is still in the process of implementing its 3G services and therefore getting a dongle in most parts of your city may not be fruitful.

Last day Mobilink announced the availability of 3G enabled USB dongles with Plug and Play technology that will provide high speed Internet to the users. The 3G enabled USB dongle is named as the ‘SpeedNet’ and currently runs on the free 3G trial until the commercial release of the services in the country.
While announcing the 3G enabled dongles, Mobilink.s senior official said, “In line with Mobilink’s strategy of providing quality experience to its customers Mobilink will launch products and services that maximize the utility of our 10MHz 3G spectrum. The SpeednetUSB dongle provides our customers the flexibility to connect with our 3G network on the go and enjoy high-speed internet. I am sure that our customers will make the most out of this offer and our free 3G trial.’’

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