Islamabad ( BMZ REPORT ) Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) has once again added another feather to its cap. The country’s largest Information Communications Technology (ICT) services provider, has introduced 4Mbps as a minimum benchmark for broadband speeds nationwide. Launched on Pakistan Day, in reaffirming its commitment to Pakistan, theRead More →

BEIJING (MEDIA ) China has demanded a clear explanation from the US over a report which says that the United States National Security Agency infiltrated servers at the headquarters of Huawei Technologies, media reports say. “China was ‘extremely concerned’ about the spying allegations,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei.Read More →

Espoo, Finland ( BMZ REPORT ) Nokia has received an exemption from the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, in accordance with Chapter 7, Section 18 of the Finnish Securities Markets Act, for the publication time stipulated in Chapter 7, Section 5 of the Act. Nokia has been allowed to postpone theRead More →