City walls shine with Colors of Youth

Rawalpindi/Islamabad (NAHEED REPORT )

 Over 500 young artists gathered from different parts of the country, here in Rawalpindi 6th Road, this Sunday

. These talented youngsters painted their thoughts on the city walls – expressing their feelings, their strength of hope as being united, an expression of their ambitions to add great value to Pakistan with their contributions as true Pakistani.

Throughout the day, all the artists worked so hard, eventually making city walls, not only beautiful but glowing with the very positive social messages for the public. Every art piece is an effort and a master piece in itself as it’s somehow touching the positive side of life.        

It is one of the largest events that took place in 2014, which is all together a great demonstration of Pakistani talent, closely and nicely touching many social taboos along with the message of hope and courage. These Pakistani youngsters colored over  90 walls,  covering approx. 1600ft area while the total area estimated to be covered in this contest is approx. 39,000 sq. ft. .  

This wall painting contest is the part of Glow Graffiti Contest phase-II which is supported by Glow, the most loved cellular youth brand of Pakistan that  is always a step ahead in supporting the young talents of Pakistan.

There are over 4,000 youngsters participating in this contest from top 100 universities and colleges across Pakistan, covering 800 canvases and 400 walls all together.  Launched back in Dec’13, the contest has successfully completed its phase1 and this wall painting contest is the first largest event of phase 2 which will also move to other parts of the country. More info available on

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