ISLAMABAD ( MEDIA ) Telecom – considered as tool for advancement – has now revolutionized the way people connect and interact as a visible change in information communications sector is picking up pace with each passing year.   It is the sector that has reduced distances, transcended borders and brought peopleRead More →

LAHORE ( TALHA REPORT ) Being a responsible corporate organization, Warid Telecom arranged 2nd blood camp for poor Thalassaemia patients in collaboration with Sundas Foundation. Due to extreme weather conditions the requirement of more oxygen, glucose and nutrients forces additional blood transfusion while there is shortage of healthy blood supply.Read More →

ISLAMABAD ( MEDIA ) Taking cue from the brilliant team at Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Bolo Bhi team has come up with a scorecard for State Minister for Information Technology & Telecom, Ms Anusha Rahman Khan. The scorecard is based on the performance of key duties by the Minister inRead More →