Warid – A Step Ahead In Service Automation


Warid1Aimed at improving customer experience through excellence in service automation, Warid Telecom takes yet another step by introducing START-STOP self-service which allows customers to activate and deactivate Value Added Services through interactive SMS process. This Service is bouquet of ten  different existing services.


Now customers will be free from the hassle of remembering service activation and deactivation methods and short codes. Customers are just required to send an SMS to 5656 to get the list of offerings for activation or deactivation in an easy and effective way.


Service Features


1.       Warid Prepaid and Glow customers can get their desired service activated or deactivated via interactive SMS based menus


2.       Only compatible services with package will be returned to the customers


3.       Customer will be required to send Start for service activations or Stop for service deactivation from their Warid Prepaid or Glow number to 5656


4.       Menu navigation is free of cost. Only activation and deactivation will be charged as per services


Available Services


Following services can be activated or deactivated through START-STOP service.


1.       SMS bundles


2.       Mobile Internet buckets


3.       Prepaid Offers


a.       FNF Offer


b.      RAAT DIN Offer


c.       Power Pack


d.      Face Book Offer


e.      Ghanta Offer


4.       MCA


5.       SMS delivery notification


Following screenshot will give you a feel of Start menu which will be returned on sending keyword START to 5656.



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