ISLAMABAD ( BMZ REPORT ) Minister of State for IT Ms. Anusha Rahman chair  a meeting on Monday with president PTCL Mr. Walid Irshaid regarding recovery 80 billion due from Etisalat in lieu of privatization UAE based Etisalat has not made a long promised payment of US$800 million to theRead More →

ISLAMABAD  (MEDIA ) The telecom sector has contributed revenue of more than Rs.866.23 billion to national exchequer in nine years, showing a reasonable growth with each passing year. The contribution included General Sales Tax, activation tax, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)’s deposits and other taxes. As per latest figures issued byRead More →

LAHORE ( TALAHA REPORT ) Making the customer experience delightful through simplicity, this revamp allows users to get control of advanced self-service options including detailed information on all the offers, tariffs, products and services with activation and deactivations through self-service IVR. Transforming brand promises into operational reality, the company tookRead More →