PTA has issued an RFP for hiring of consultancy services.


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has issued an RFP (Request for Proposal) for hiring of consultancy services for the auction of the next-gen telecom licenses.The consultant(s) hired for the purpose will be responsible to procure the auction in a transparent, professional and profitable manner. After getting the Policy Directive for Auction of 3G/4G license from Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom,

Consultants, when hired, will prepare the IM (information memorandum) for the auction of 3G/Advanced technology licenses in Pakistan.

The IM is supposed to be the document that details the methodology of auction, base price, allocation of spectrum for auction and other similar information for interested buyers. IM will also define the criteria, requirements and other prerequisites for taking part in the auction.

PTA said that RFPs can be submitted before November 12th, 2013 and if everything goes as planned then authority will be able to hire a consultant by the end of November.

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