MoIT support in all the existing challenges faced by the Telecom, Anusha


Minister of State for the Ministry of IT and Telecom, Anusha Rehman shared MoIT strategy to address telecom issues here  today. She expressed her views during her address to the audience at an iftar party exclusively held by Mobile company  for selected officials from the telecom sector.

Anusha  Rehman reassured the Telecom sector of MoIT support in all the existing challenges faced by the Telecom industry. She mentioned that she had been part of the Telecom sector having worked as a permanent employee of Telenor and reportedly as an advisor at Mobilink in the past.

She committed during her address that the first priority of the MoIT is to fix all issues at the PTA and hire competent leadership at the regulator. She said that the biggest challenge at PTA at this point in time is its administrative capacity. By addressing this issue, said Anusha, the MoIT will ensure that the telecom sector receives the support it deserves. She said that the Telecom sector has suffered a lot in the past due to ignorance of the previous government and mediocre decisions on part of PTA.

Anusha further said that the other two major issues that will be addressed on priority are those of the 3-g auction and grey traffic. She said that Pakistan‘s telecom industry at one stage was among the fastest growing and the most dynamic. It is lagging behind due to grey traffic and lack of spectrum which are two issues that have remained unaddressed for a long time. She told the audience that Pakistan’s telecom sector is currently ranked lower than 130′s in world ranking. The current government is committed to bring it up to the top 30.

Anusha also revealed that she had been working on the telecom sector for 5 years before chairing the minister’s office. She told the audience that MoIT will soon present the the IT and Telecom policy papers to the government.

Talking about the ban on YouTube Anusha told that the MoIt is aggressively working on coming to a closure on this matter.