Cabinet Division has re-advertised the posts of Members in PTA


In a bizarre move, Cabinet Division has re-advertised the posts
of Members in Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on the last date of
applications submission with drastic changes in qualifications and
experience requirements of candidates, thus giving strong indications that
blue eyed would be picked up for the key posts to supervise scandalous
multi-billion dollar auction of 3G spectrum. On 29 January, Cabinet Division
advertised posts of Member Finance and Member Technical, PTA with upper age
limit of 56 years. Post of Member Finance required a Chartered Accountant or
MBA (Finance) degree whereas requirement of Member Technical was
PhD/MS/Bachelors in Electrical or Telecom Engineering with registration from
Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). On 14 February, Cabinet Division has
re-advertised the posts again and advised that candidates who have applied
in response to previous advertisement need to apply afresh. The upper age
limit is stretched to 57, qualifications of Member Finance expanded to
include FCA, CPA and CIMA whereas MBA (Finance) dropped and Bachelors in
Engineering is excluded for Member Telecom. Mandatory requirement of
registration of PEC for all engineering posts in Pakistan has also been
abolished for the posts of Member Technical and Member Enforcement amid
suspicions that government has already made up its mind to appoint members
of its own choice. Sources say that Farooq Awan, a BPS-21 baboo and
blue-eyed of the Government, who was ousted on 15 January as Chairman PTA by
the Lahore High Court (LHC) being illegally appointed in violation of rules
and regulations, is again top most contender of Chairman PTA after to be
appointed first as Member Finance and then elevated as Chairman
subsequently. The upper age limit is also relaxed to 57 to accommodate Awan
as he is already attaining of 56 on 25 February 2013. The Internet Service
Providers Association of Pakistan (ISPAK) has already filed a reference with
Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to annul the process of recruitment of
members in PTA being in violation of ECP directive. ISPAK’s letter to ECP
stated “the Government now wants to appointment Members of its own choice in
PTA who could dance to its tunes and approve selling of 3G spectrum”. The
letter further stated “we fear that process of the appointment of Members in
PTA would be grossly engineered, without merit and merely eyewash”.
Interestingly, another post of Member Compliance & Enforcement has been
added to accommodate another chosen, Sajjad Awan, currently working as DG in
PTA, this increasing the posts to three members in PTA for first time in its
history. Experts believe that approval of Council of Common Interests (CCI)
has not been obtained by the Cabinet Division which is a mandatory
requirement to change the number of members of regulatory bodies in light of
eighteenth constitutional amendment. Repeated telephonic attempts to contact
concerned Section Officer of Cabinet Division, Adnan Manzoor were made by
this scribe but no call back was received.Govt Ad- PTA Members


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