Youngsters use social websites to chat


After suspension of mobile phone services in 49 cities on the 9th and 10th of Muharram, the youngsters, addicted to chat with each other through SMS, have find their way to communicate with each other via social websites including Facebook, Twitter and others.

Sources in Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) told ‘The News’ that heavy traffic was witnessed on social websites including Facebook, Twitter etc because mostly youngsters remained in front of their computers and laptops to chat with their friends and to share news with each other.

Youngsters while talking to ‘The News’ said that the government has failed to stop the terrorist activities. They said despite suspension of mobile services we witnessed bomb blast in Dera Ismail Khan, which proved the failure of law enforcement agencies.

They said that suspension of mobile services has only created problems for the general public. “In big cities where people have internet facility have found their way to communicate with each other by using social websites, but where people don’t have internet are really facing many problems, as they don’t have any sources of communication,” they added.

Abdul Hafeez, a university student, said, “I am habitual of chatting with my friends on SMS and like me there are thousands of youngsters who are addicted to SMS service and sharing news with friends.” Although the mobile service is suspended, yet the youngsters have started using social websites for chatting and sharing latest news with each other, he added.

A high official in PTA on the condition of anonymity told ‘The News’ that heavy traffic was seen in big cities on social websites and most favorite were the Facebook and Twitter.

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