ISLAMABAD (PAKISTAN) PTA has initiated 3G spectrum / license auction process on receipt of Government of Pakistan Policy Directive.  The process of planning and consultation, with stakeholders, was initiated simultaneously. Apart from the existing operators, potential investors, local and foreign, were identified and approached. During the meeting/discussion with international investors, it was highlighted that the tentative timelinesRead More →

Islamabad (PAKISTAN) Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), the largest integrated telecommunication services provider of the country, has inked a Managed Services Network Agreement with Habib Bank Limited (HBL) to provide networking for the leading bank’s 1400 branches across Pakistan. The telecom giant’s latest initiative in the business and enterprise sectorRead More →

 in Karachi. The Company’s Recruitment & Staffing team along with Senior Team member from Organization Development & Training, provided career counseling, coaching and career advice to the students. The Senior Executive representing Warid Telecom stressed the importance of providing timely career counseling and advice to youngsters by… Please visit TelecomPk.netRead More →