Metro Orange Train Project 200,000 Ptcl consumers will out of Network !

With the construction of Metro Orange line in Lahore being planned another shock to general public is expected through PTCL. According to verified sources in PTCL, has learned that around 14 exchanges are coming under the route of the planned Orange line. This would mean that around 200,000 consumers will see a drastic effect in their telephone and more specifically in their internet services.
PTCL is known for its bad service for some time as though it offers a very competitive rate for its internet services there is constant outage of services. With this news it seems that consumers in Lahore are about to get even more bad service. Ptcl have no backup systems for these areas consumers to provided service.
This is an incredible opportunity for Telcos that have not missed it as it has been reported that the companies are now trying to establish their own services within the area to get the most out of the situation.
Total length of the track of metro train will be 27.
12 kilometers out of which 25. 4 kilometers portion will be constructed 12 meters above the ground level while the remaining 1.72 kilometers section will be constructed under ground.
The route will be from Ali Town Raiwind Road to Dera Gujran at G.T.Road.
The alignment will be from Ali Town to Thokar Niaz Baig via Raiwind Road, Thokar Niaz Baig to Chuburji via Multan Road, Chuburji to GPO Chowk via Lake Road and Ustad Allah Bukhsh Road, GPO Chowk to Bohar Wala Chowk via Mcload Road and Nicholson Road, Bohar Wala Chowk to Sultanpura over the Railway Lines, and Sultanpura to Dera Gujran/Ring Road Interchange via GT Road.
Rolling Stock will be 27 train sets, each train will have five cars.

The stations will be situated at Ali Town, Thokar Niaz Baig, Canal View, Hanjarwal, Wahdat Road, Awan Town, Sabzazar, Shahnoor, Scheme Morr/Salahuddin Road, Yateem Khana / Bund Road, Samanabad, Gulshan-I-Ravi, Chauburgi, Anarkali Station, Central station, Lakshami, Railway Station, Sultanpura, UET, Baghbanpura, Shalamar Garden, Pakistan Mint, Mahmood Booti, Salmatpura and Islampark and Dera Gujran.